Cemetery Management Database
Affordable, Automated, Easy-to-Use


Cemetery Management 

Record Owners with grave purchases, Interred with genealogy and headstones. CSR has three cemetery programs to match the demands of your cemetery. 

CM2500CM2600 and CM2700

  1. Affordable
  2. Automated
  3. Easy to use
  4. Intuitive

Easy to navigate screens and reports.  Twenty-five separate search functions for locating records.

CM2500 is designed for a cemetery up to 3,500 grave sites.

CM2600 is for a cemetery up to 10,000 grave sites.

CM2700 is for a single cemetery or several cemeteries up to 100,000 grave sites each.

Each program is a database interconnected by code to provide the safest method for your data. Internal tables export to spreadsheets so you data is not locked in a program.  For those interested in having more reports these databases interconnect with Crystal Reports.

These databases are built to resolve data entry errors by selecting a menu option. 

Programs are shipped on a CD and installs on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.

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CM2500 SC Lite

CM2500 is designed for recording Owners and interred for a cemetery with less than 3500 graves.  Record Owners, grave purchases and reserve those graves purchased for family. Record Interred with headstone and genealogy.  SC Lite has many of the same reports and screens as CM2600.  Grave setup includes the ability to have Columbariums and Mausoleums. 

Lite and SC are designed for use in the USA  and Canadian providences  on  address screens and reports.

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How these database programs work


CM2600 SC  NEW!

CM2600 is designed for cemeteries to 10,000 graves. As the backbone for all of our programs, its screens are designed for ease of use with an intuitive interface. Help is provided on every screen at the push of a button.  

Max CM2700 NEW!

CM2700 is for cemeteries from 10,000 to 100,000 graves. This program has entry areas for workorders, auditing, product purchasing, donors, and several administrative areas for modifying information displayed in screens and reports.

Check our Software page for comparison of CM2700 with CM2500 and CM2600.

Import available with CM2700




CM2600 includes care of the cemetery, trust accounts and listing other products an owner can purchase.

CM2600 can include maps of the divisions in your cemetery. Those divisions might also be called Sections or Blocks or some other naming convention. By separating a cemetery its lots and grave sites are easier to locate.

Check our software page for more information on CM2600

If you have data in a spreadsheet or in an Access database, we can import your data for one flat fee.

Specify for a church and receive an additional license free with CM2600 or CM2700!

We accept credit cards, on-line checks and also have paypal options.  If you need to send in a check we'll send you an order form for this purpose.